Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I park?


Our parking lot is set up for angle parking along the east side, and “drive through” traffic through to the back alley. Please leave the street in front of the building clear for those parents that choose to “drop off” at the door.


Where do I leave my “outdoor” shoes?


Thank you for removing  ALL outdoor footwear in the entrance.  There are many, many babies and toddlers that play in the waiting area…set a good example, and help us keep it clean for the kids!


Are there any “waiting room rules”?


Feel free to wait for your dancer in our waiting room, but treat it as you would any other. Be respectful of the dancers in class by waiting quietly. Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times.


Can I observe my child’s class?


We do not permit spectators in the classroom during regular classes. Feel free to watch your dancer through our observation window at any time! Families are invited into class twice a year for “watch week”. Please see the school calendar for dates.


How do I ensure my child can find their own shoes?


Be sure to label all of your dancers new shoes with their first and last name, (winter boots too!), to avoid any confusion.


What should my dancer wear to class?

All students are required to wear proper dancewear for each lesson. This enables your teacher to see your entire body and prevent injury. Absolutely NO JEANS. SWEATPANTS or BAGGY TSHIRTS.  Dancers wearing inappropriate attire will be excused from class. Please see the dancewear requirement chart.


How can I contact the studio?

Although the studio is open in the late afternoon and evenings, we are very busy in the classroom! Please leave a voicemail message or email and your inquiry will be replied to on the next day Monday through Thursday before 2pm.